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If you’re looking for a date-night movie, well, this isn’t it. This is a “married people” movie. It also would be a terrible choice for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Full of crude humor suitable for the average teenage boy, this is one you’d need to enjoy with someone familiar, so as to avoid an avalanche of awkward, uncomfortable moments for two hours straight.

Here, Seth Rogen re-teams with director Jonathan Levine (‘50/50’, ’The Night Before’) for another go, about people navigating relationships under difficult circumstances.

Rogen plays Fred Flarsky, recently unemployed and sloppily-dressed journalist (is he homeless?). He inconceivably ends up the speechwriter for polished and undeniably classy, Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). Their initial connection is based on shared classroom hallways as teens, and a shared hometown neighborhood, which turned into babysitting duty, for one of them.

UntitledMuch to the dismay of Field’s handlers (June Diane Raphael and Ravi Patel) and, more than likely the American voters, things get hot and heavy between the unlikely duo.

It’s not sweet per se, but somehow ends up being charming, in spite of the abundant crude humor and loads of gratuitous f-bombs falling like glitter at a rave.

The current political climate of the nation is satirized quite accurately. For example, the President having been a former television star, and not wanting to run for re-election, in order to pursue his career transition to film.

About half of us hope real-life could further imitate art, as far as this relinquishment of political platform all together. With heavy references to the late 80s slash early 90s, this movie is well-suited to 40-somethings, so gather your squad accordingly, for movie-night.

What an oddball coupling we have: Rogen’s character is goofy, bumbling and abrasive, while Theron’s is just as dazzling as the actress herself. She really is undeniably, palpably good at what she does.

Their chemistry is playful and somewhat endearing, even if the entire story is just outright unbelievable and definitely formulaic. But I laughed out loud quite a bit … sue me.

Long Shot’ is rated R and runs 115 minutes.



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