Lonesome Dove Baby Couldn’t Find His Mom

‘I Call Him Lucky’
One of the many babies born this year at Lonesome Dove Wildlife Safari outside Jefferson, this Scimitar Oryx calf first put his hooves on the ground on one of the coldest days in January and could not find his mother.

Jimplecute News Editor

Mollye Moore remembers the bitter cold day well. “It was January 19,” Moore said. “It was one of our coldest days of the year.”

As Moore drove around Lonesome Dove Wildlife Safari, she spotted the newly-born Scimitar Oryx calf.

“I found him out there by himself,” Moore said. The mother had apparently abandoned her baby. Jimmy Moore, Lonesome Dove owner, said it is a situation that does occur occasionally in the wild.

“The veterinarian was concerned he might freeze to death, if the mom had not returned to him,” Mollye explained. Mollye took the baby inside and started feeding him with the bottle. Unfortunately, the baby was not out of trouble yet. “He stopped taking the bottle and I knew that was not good,” Mollye said.

The creative wildlife specialist had an idea. “We recorded the sound he was making,” Mollye said. “It was kind of a whining sound.” Mollye went back out into the cold with the recording of the crying baby to find the mother. “I played it for the mom,” Mollye said. “She immediately alerted to it. So I knew she was still looking for her baby.”

Mollye returned to headquarters and retrieved the calf. “She (the mother) heard him coming and they rejoined,” Mollye said. Mollye had been worried the reunion would not turn out well. “It is not unusual in that when you take babies away from a mom, they won’t take them back,” Mollye said.

But that was not the case with this recent addition to the local Safari.“I call him Lucky,” Jimmy said. The tough little calf survived the cold, the absence of his mother and the lack of post-natal nourishment.

“He’s thriving and healthy now,” Mollye said as she watched Lucky graze peacefully along with his parents.


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