Jimplecute FAQs

Jimplecute Publisher

Below are some questions Jimp readers often ask. I am sharing them this week because I believe the answers will be beneficial for all of our readers.

I am a Jimp subscriber. When I try to read the Jimp online, I can only see the front page. How do I read the other pages?

If you have a print subscription, you also have an online subscription. Click on the link that says “Full Edition Reader” or on the screenshot of the front page. One pdf containing all the pages of the paper will open and you can scroll through and read at your own pace. The Jimplecute has undergone many changes in the past year. One of the most important ones is our new online subscriber interface. While practically everybody (including the Jimp staff !) prefers the print edition, having an online option has some important benefits. With summer vacations ahead, you can still read the Jimp even if you are out of town. Plus, all of the pages online are in color.

I am a Jimp subscriber and I did not receive my paper in the mail this week. What happened?

Periodicals are distributed using a second class postage permit, which means they are distributed after first class mail. Subscribers are not guaranteed delivery of their newspaper at a particular time. Most of the time, Marion County residents receive their paper in the mail on Thursday morning. However, the second class permit means out of area subscribers often receive their paper days later. If you don’t receive your Jimp, you might call your post office and ask if there were any undeliverable Jimplecutes that week. You may also call the Jimp office and verify your subscription is still active and we have your current address. We will also let you know if the USPS notified us of any undeliverable papers that week.

Starting June 6, the Jimp staff will begin distributing that week’s paper on Thursday morning rather than on Wednesday night. The weather this winter and spring has caused us to think it is no longer prudent to continue to drive late on Wednesday nights through thunderstorm, flash flood and tornado warnings. Online subscribers will continue to be able to read the paper on their computers, tablets, and smartphones on Thursday mornings. Copies of the paper will be on newsstands Thursday afternoons. Mail subscribers will begin receiving their papers on Friday morning. We know our readers will support this change for the safety of our staff.

How do I submit my event for NEWSBriefs?

NEWSBriefs is available to all area non-profit organizations, schools, and churches to publish information about upcoming events at no cost. Events may be published for up to two weeks. Please email your information to Editor@Jimplecute1848.com by Tuesdays at 4 P.M. to be included in that week’s Thursday edition.


Above is a screenshot of the online version of the Jimplecute. After entering their passcode, subscribers can click on “Full Edition Reader” or on the picture of the front page to access all pages of the paper on their electronic device.



Print Subscription for Marion County & Surrounding Counties (Online subscription included)

Your online subscription will begin immediately. Print subscription will begin in approximately 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your subscription and for reading the Jimp!


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