Port Jefferson Outpost Coffee, Food Score with Readers

3 starsThe Jimplecute asked readers who serves the best cup of coffee in Jefferson.

Maybe you like it black and hot.

Some prefer a 2 percent latte cappuccino.

It could be you like to kick-start your day with a double espresso.

Then you are in luck.

According to the Jimplecute poll, 62% of voters said the best place for coffee – both designer and traditional – is also what we think is the best breakfast spot downtown – Port Jefferson Outpost.  A strong second place for best coffee was the Kahn Coffee House located in the Historic Kahn Hotel.

“It is awesome that Jimplecute readers voted our coffee the best in town,” Sharon Goolsby, Outpost owner responded.

The Outpost also serves better-than-it-has-to-be breakfast and lunch to go with their popular coffee choices.

Sweet potato pancakes are among the most unique and delicious breakfast options in town. You can also enjoy really juicy, crisp bacon with your eggs – cooked the way you like them.

The plate lunch changes daily. Choices range from chicken spaghetti to meatloaf to chicken-fried steak. We’ve seen vegetable choices from garden salad to lima beans. You won’t be disappointed.

Everyone knows the great Outpost hamburgers sell for two for $6 on Tuesday. Be sure to call ahead.

restaurant reviewOn a recent visit, we enjoyed the Philadelphia cheesesteak. It was outstanding. You’ll want a gallon of the au jus dipping sauce to go. We also had a BLT made with thick cuts of fried on the grill Hormel bacon. It will make you wonder where it has been all of your life.

The staff is always friendly and professional.  It seems stellar coffee is just part of the deal.

Next Restaurant Review:  September 6, 2019



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