Incumbents Reclaim Seats on Council, School Board

election picFrom Staff Reports

Voters Saturday returned Jason Bonner and Bobby Langbartels to the Jefferson ISD Board of Trustees and Jim Finstrom and Victor Perot to the Jefferson City Council.

Tyrani Braddock was unopposed for the Ward 2 seat on the council and Kent Thigpen was also unopposed for another term on the JISD board. Braddock received 28 votes and Thigpen received 457.

In the Place 1 race on the JISD board, Bonner polled 373 (69.7%) votes according to complete, but unofficial returns Saturday night. His opponent, Bruce Boyd, received 162.

The challenger in the Place 3 race, Lorrin Minton, received 128 votes (24.8%), while incumbent Langbartels received 389 votes (75.2%) to claim the win.

In the Ward 1 alderman race, challenger Tyler Owen received 39 votes (41.9%) while incumbent Finstrom received 54 votes (58.1%).

Perot won the Ward 3 race with 65 votes (79.3%) while challenger Darla Marie McCorkle received 17 (20.7%).

           Full Election Results for Jefferson ISD and the City of Jefferson

Jefferson ISD
jisd full results
* Winner

City of Jefferson
city full results
* Winner



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