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With a Critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes of 48%, movie reviewers don’t seem to particularly enjoy “Little,” though audiences strongly counter that, with a viewer score of 82%; they love it! I would agree, as they clapped at the end of my showing, which hadn’t before happened once, in all my time doing movie reviews.

That’s relevant. “Little” is a Freaky Friday-esque premise, except our protagonist, Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall), has switched places with her child-self, instead of her mother. Little Jordan is played by the sassy and adorable Marsai Martin, who notably, also executive produced!

At the age of 14, she is so far, the youngest person to do so on a Hollywood production. If you’ve heard of “Black Girl Magic,” this is that. Jordan is a highly successful and demanding business mogul, though her people skills could desperately use some polish.

Untitled5In her tyrannical-rule of the office, she is harsh, brutal, overly blunt … essentially every real-life HR executive’s nightmare. After a particularly sour interaction with a little-girl-mini-magician in front of a food truck, Jordan wakes up the next morning as her kid-self.

Her assistant April (Issa Rae) is the only person “in” on the involuntary charade. With April’s help, and some quality interaction with the “nerdy” group at her middle school, the adult Jordan comes to terms with the adverse effects of her behavior on personal relationships, at the office and home.

It’s possible she can’t get turned back into her grownup body, and the detrimental, poor life choices are permanent. Let’s hope not, but it’s a point to ponder for those of us navigating and maintaining relationships in the real world, everyday.

For a rating of PG-13, I felt a few of the jokes were a little too mature for the approved audience. Questions were probably asked in the car on the way home, so be prepared. The soundtrack on the other hand, was universally funky, a bit old school, and groove-worthy – I definitely want to check it out for additions to my summer playlist.

The film’s wardrobe is notable artsy, displaying highly creative combinations, with unique styles I’d never seen before. Visuals were memorable. I’m a fashion connoisseur, so that’s saying something.

“Little” is a movie to have fun with; I did it with ease.

“Little” is rated PG-13 and runs 108 minutes.



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