Lil’ Mama’s Kitchen Still Serves Comfort and Food

Untitled2You always find something to make you feel good at Lil’ Mama’s Kitchen. On Thursday, Lil’ Mama served cabbage and speckled butter beans along with your choice of meatloaf or beef tips and rice.

On Friday, when we visited, it was fish day. You could have filets or whole fish with coleslaw, beans, French fries and hush puppies. Of course, you can get a great hamburger on any day of the week, except Sunday when the small one-room frame structure on SH 49 near the Jefferson Primary School closes for the Lord’s Day.

restaurant reviewA local favorite for many years, Lil’ Mama’s Kitchen closed for several months after Lil’ Mama (Delena Henderson) broke her ankle. “I still hop around,” she said Friday. Her customers were delighted when she recently reopened with her special brand of to-go food that feels like a hug straight from Lil’ Mama.

Our fish filets were perfect. The batter was light and deep fried to a golden brown. The fish was still hot when we bit into it at the Jimplecute office. The creamy coleslaw helped compensate for the lack of tartar sauce.

Delena Henderson

The red beans, which had to have been cooked from scratch, made the most memorable statement of the meal.  The beans were done, but not mushy. They had more than a hint of chili powder, giving them a special kick.

Jefferson is a town of great hamburgers. We can name several places where you will not be disappointed.

Many locals, however, will tell you Lil’ Mama has the best one. Our cheese burger had all the fixings and at least a half-pound of meat. The differences between Lil’ Mama’s burger and others are Lil’ Mama’s well-seasoned flattop and what Diners Drive-ins and Dives host Guy Fieri calls “crustification.”

The burgers have a crunchy layer of flavor that keeps you coming back for more. At Lil’ Mama’s Kitchen, you can also have several types of sandwiches, including a pork chop sandwich and a turkey sandwich. It’s smart to call ahead to check on that day’s specials and to place your order.

Even when you do phone (903-665-8099), you could find yourself standing outside with other hungry patrons as the staff finishes cooking your order. You’ll quickly learn, however, the food is worth the wait.

Lil’ Mama’s is located at 403 West Broadway Street in Jefferson and is open daily (except Sunday) 10 A.M. – 8 P.M.


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