untitledBETO, BETO, BETO – It’s O’Rourke all the time now the El Paso Democrat has announced for President.

The Democratic-friendly media can not get enough of Beto as perhaps a centrist alternative to the blank check liberals. Beto has the smarts, the charisma and the staying power to make it a race.


INTELLECTUAL DEMOCRATS do not have a great record against muscular Republicans, however. Adlai Stephenson lost to Eisenhower and Bob Krueger could not take the US Senate seat in Texas.

I am reminded of Krueger when I hear critics chide Beto for a lack of specifics about some of his proposals. I once heard Krueger tell an audience that how he stood on today’s issues was not nearly as important as how he would stand on the issues that will surface in three years.

If O’Rourke can convince folks he will make the right decisions in the future, he might have a real shot.


I KNOW MANY Democrats are crying and gnashing their teeth over the Mueller Report which Attorney General William Barr says exonerates President Trump from any criminal charges relating to Russia’s tampering with the 2016 election.

They damage their molars for no good reason. A “Get Out Of Jail Free” card from Mueller saves the country from the waste and distraction of an impeachment hearing. It is highly unlikely for Democrats and Republicans to reach across the aisle and sing “Kumbaya,” but further division of the country is in no one’s interest.


WE ARE FORTUNATE to live in one of the most unique, pretty and historic places on earth. Jefferson and Marion County offer food for the soul as well as the eyes and belly. Too often, however, locals act like someone invited them to a knife fight.

They constantly criticize and carp. If they don’t know of something that is wrong, they will go looking for it. People are anxious to visit here, move here, raise their families or live out their retirement here. The rest of us should act like we are proud of it.


TEXAS LT. GOV. Dan Patrick has drawn criticism from his far-right base for not pushing some of their divisive social issues like the last session’s doomed bathroom bill. This time Patrick appears to prefer solid legislative accomplishments like pay raises for teachers.

He gets credit if the $5,000 boost sticks, but most educators will remember his name in the voting booth if they get even half of that.


WEB SITES for some Texas sheriff offices offer a link to the Texas Department of Public Safety searchable directory of registered sexual offenders. I could not find such a link on the Marion County page.

Certainly, someone can go directly to the DPS site, but with more than 50 registered sexual offenders in the county, I think we need that link.


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