Ask An Expert | Finding Sexual Predators in Your Area

untitledA very important protective measure you can take for children (and yourself) is to know where the sexual predators are in your area. There are many sites which offer this service. Some are free, and some are not.

I found this website to be very user friendly. The results post within seconds: This site will show you who, where and of what offense they are registered for.

The whole “stranger danger” campaign has been proven to be a waste of resources and diligence. Strangers involved in child predation account for approximately 10% of cases. Still, these types of sites help you find who these individuals are and where they live.

Whatever the circumstances of a sexual predator’s particular crime may be, you have a way to find registered sex offenders. The rate of recidivism is near 100%, so it is helpful to know where your kids (and you) may be in greater danger.

This is not necessarily Internet related, but it is risk management for child safety. It falls into the category of keeping yourself safe with physical security measures. Be aware, this is not for the purpose of a witch hunt, as these people have presumably been punished. It is merely publicly available information for public education and safety.



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