Collins Academy Wants to Give Them Something to Talk About

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Mike Gannon with Collins Academy discusses the new internet radio station, Talk of Jefferson, with those attending the Marion County Chamber of Commerce “Lunch and Learn” session last week.

Do you know a story?

Maybe it is a funny story. It could be a story about how your family moved to Marion County when Davy Crockett was still in diapers. Or you may know some piece of local history.

Collins Academy would like to broadcast your story.

“Talk of Jefferson is a new internet-based radio station that will be used to promote tourism, history and local businesses that are open to serving the community and tourists alike,” Mike Gannon told the Marion County Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn gathering Wednesday.

“The main focus is to enhance the experience here in Jefferson.” Gannon’s concept is to broadcast local stories interspersed with royalty-free music recorded by local artists on a one-hour loop.

Listeners also have the flexibility to select options from the story directory. The station is available now. “You download the Talk of Jefferson app,” Gannon said.

Untitled2Users then can begin listening. Among the selections currently available are a brief history of Jefferson, stories by former Longhorn Ammunition Plant employees and others.

“We have a large need for content,” Gannon said. That’s where you come in. Gannon would like you to share your story with Talk of Jefferson. You can visit Collins Academy and record the story or you can record your story on your smartphone and email the file to Collins Academy.

Gannon can also arrange for someone to record your story for you. Collins plans to make literature on Talk of Jefferson available around the area and will position QR code signs near the Port Jefferson Nature Center.

Advertising will also be available on the station. Gannon hopes tourists will listen to the stories while visiting Jefferson as part of their experience here. The visitors might also continue to tune in after returning home as a way to prolong or renew a pleasant vacation experience.


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