Book Review | “Fearless … A Girl Born Without the Fear Gene”

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Francene DePrez

I was drawn to the title, “Fearless … A Girl Born Without the Fear Gene” by Francine Pascal, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is the first book in a series for young adults. The book is a double edition with the first book from this author and the 25th book in the Fearless series. Also intriguing was the author’s name (same as mine, spelled differently).

Gaia is seventeen and, having just moved to New York, is starting at a new school. Her new foster father, George Niven, was her dad’s mentor in the CIA. Her dad disappeared from her life when she was 12. Growing up, her dad taught her karate, judo, jujitsu and kick-boxing.

She has fairy-tale blond hair and is never afraid. She just doesn’t have the gene or whatever it is that makes you scared.

This book is about her adventures in her new hometown as she meets some new friends and has many dangerous adventures along the way. She struggles to understand why she doesn’t know fear and just wants to be a normal teenager. This book is a perfect read for a high school student who will be able to relate to Gaia’s tale of her new life and friends.

One reader said this about the book, and I agree: “Fearless was filled with suspense and mystery. Francine Pascal created a story that is so detailed, the reader feels as if he/she is
experiencing the story alongside the main character.”

While the children may not get all of the 1990s references, they definitely gave me a smile. Even though written in 1999, it still holds up for reading today.

I started to read the second book in this double edition, but the story doesn’t flow very well. It would be much better to read Fearless, and then move on to the other books in the chronological order of the series. Between 1999 through 2004, Francine Pascal wrote 36 books in the teen novel series.

Check this book out at the Jefferson Carnegie Library to get a taste for the series. The Library also has a great selection of other Young Adult books. Just ask Debbie and she will point you to them.


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