Welch Commits to Softball at LeTourneau


Jefferson High School senior, Hannah Welch has signed with the LeTourneau University (LETU) softball team in her first step towards becoming a sports coach.

A talented sportswoman, Hannah was introduced to ball sports at the age of four when her mother put her in tee-ball – and she’s been playing ever since. While at high school, she’s played volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Even though she excelled at basketball, she decided softball was her favorite game. Her stats show how her passion for the game has paid off.

She told the Jimplecute she has struck out more than 500 batters, pitched 484 innings in the past three years and and achieved a batting average in 2018 of .412 including two home runs.

A highly talented pitcher, she said she has pitched for all four years at high school, in every inning of every game the Jefferson softball team has played since she was a freshman.

Asked what the secret to a successful pitcher is, Welch said: “A lot of it is mental. You have to know the mechanics, you have to know how to do it, but it’s a huge mental game.

“You touch the ball every single pitch. You are the center of attention all of the time. If you won the game people will say the pitcher pitched a really good game. If you lost the game they will say the pitcher did not pitch a good game! So it’s a huge mental game. You have to know who you are and why you are playing the game.”

But it’s hard work too, Welch admits. Even in the off-season she pitches almost every day to make sure her arm stays used to pitching.

A big team player, she says she loves team sports because they bring out the best in her.

“You’re working for more than just yourself. You’re working for the team as a whole. You have to know that your team has your back always, especially as a pitcher.”

Welch says she settled on LeTourneau University, the private interdenominational Christian university in Longview, Texas because of one reason.

“I love LeTourneau’s coach, Stan Wells. He’s my pitching coach now that I go to every week. He’s like another family member and I look up to him a lot.

“Whenever I’m around the LeTourneau facility, it feels like that’s where I’m supposed to be with him as my coach.”

When Hannah starts at LeTourneau later this year, she says she will probably major in business and minor in kinesiology. Ultimately, she wants to become a coach.


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