untitledCLEAN UP HITTERS: The story in last week’s Jimp about trash lining highways and roads in Marion County apparently struck a nerve with some readers. Comments on Facebook included a photo of a trash pile alleged to be outside a local business.

If you spot someone dumping illegally, report it to your constable, either David Capps or Tashia Wilson. They say they will investigate, and if evidence warrants, they will prosecute.

When we spot-checked refuse blowing along SH 49, Capps quickly noticed evidence pointing toward an area resident who admitted some of it might accidentally be his and agreed to clean it up.

Capps noted constables work on trash dumped along rural roadsides. City police are responsible for trash inside the city limits and the sheriff ’s department can act on illegal dumping on private property.

Together we can clean up Marion County.


YOU MAY HAVE noticed the district court criminal case activity for 2018 the Jimplecute printed January 31. We intend to publish monthly reports on a continuing basis.

District Clerk Susan Anderson said the January report will be ready next week. We also hope to report indictments from last week’s meeting of the Marion County Grand Jury.

Of course, sealed indictments cannot be reported until they are served.


DURING HIS State of the Union address, President Donald Trump advanced several ideas that should make sense to everyone, no matter which side of the aisle you call home.

Americans deserve lower prescription drug prices. Progress to peaceful solutions in Afghanistan and Korea should be welcome. Making China a fairer trade partner is long overdue. Review and reduction of excessive sentences for non-violent crimes addresses a serious societal wrong.

Congressional Democrats and the national media in their zeal to oppose other Trump policies act like these items were never on the table. Pelosi and McConnell should embrace this opportunity for bi-partisanship and quit trying to run up the score against the Republicans.


ACTING TEXAS Secretary of State David Whitley admitted to a Senate committee he knew the list of registered voters alleged to not be citizens his office sent to the state Attorney General could contain errors.


STATE REP. Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, may chair the House Energy Resources Committee, but his two vice-chair assignments have considerable interest, as well.

Certainly, guiding legislation governing oil and gas is important in Texas. The actions of the Sunset Advisory Commission and the Redistricting Committee, however, will impact the lives of every Texan.

This year, 32 agencies, including Department of Public Safety, DMV and the state board of Plumbing Examiners are up for review and possible (if unlikely) elimination.

Redistricting discussions begin once the session ends and await the results of the 2020 U.S. Census. It would be heartwarming to see the map drawing exercise turned over to a non-partisan panel that would apply sensible formulas of rural interests and urban interests along with minority representation without attempting to create a partisan advantage, but I’m afraid that won’t happen. We should expect, instead, another gerrymandered map and another judge ruling it unconstitutional.

In his spare time, Paddie also serves on the House Licensing and Administrative Committee.

Some may still consider state representatives over-paid at $600 per month.


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