Bulldogs Ground the Eagles, 83-13


BasketballOn Tuesday night the Bulldogs made the Eagles look less than majestic.

Jefferson High won by 70 points, and only allowed New Diana High to score six after the first quarter.  The final score was 83-13.

Jefferson led 30-7 after the first, but it would get much worse for the Eagles.  Over the next two quarters, the Dawgs went on a 40-2 run to lead 70-9. The Bulldogs had three players that outscored the entire New Diana team.

Chris Shepard led the scoring with 22 points.  Lyrik Rawls had 16 points and Chrishon Hicks finished with 15.  Carlos Jackson, Kevin Pinson, and Dee Black all scored 6. Josh Thomas had 5 points.

Tatum High and the Dawgs both finished with 13-1 district records, so there will be one more game added to this season.

Marshall High School will host the big game in their gymnasium on Friday night at 7 P.M. This is a contest that you do not want to miss.

Jefferson won the first match-up 61-57 and Tatum took the second 75-62.  This third game will decide who gets the number one seed in district playoffs.  

Coach Treston Dowell hopes that his team is ready. “Our shooting concerns me!  We have to be able to make shots if we are going to make a run.”

Sophomore starting guard Shepard agrees with his coach. “We need to improve on defense and make our shots.”

The 22-7 Bulldogs have had an excellent season to date. This last game can make a big difference in how far in the playoffs the boys can go.  Let’s hope this young team is up to the challenge.



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