RiverBend Restaurant on Caddo Lake

RiverBend Special – 
Blackened Catfish fillet topped with a crawfish Creole sauce served over rice with seasoned vegetables

The chalk board announced one of our favorite dishes, shrimp and grits, was available, but one of us had come to RiverBend Restaurant on Caddo Lake for one reason – fried catfish!

Between RiverBend’s unique “fixins” and fish, we discovered taste treats at every turn.

The hushpuppies were unlike any that I have experienced anywhere else. Long, tubular and laced with jalapenos, these puppies appeared to be a cross between a hushpuppy and a funnel cake. We couldn’t put them in our mouth fast enough.

The coleslaw was also distinctive. Unlike other versions of the standard chopped cabbage side, the RiverBend slaw hit taste buds usually reserved for tartar sauce.

No one voiced any complaints about the beans which were excellent and paired well with the hushpuppies.

We were pleased to see on the menu that we had choices on how much fish you wanted to eat. Usually the decision is between too much and not enough, but RiverBend lets you opt for three pieces, five pieces or all you can eat – either fillets or whole fish.

I chose the whole fish with a pair of frog legs on the side.

The fish were hot and perfectly cooked in a good tasting meal. The frog legs were some of the best I have found in quite a while.

We also ordered the RiverBend Special of blackened catfish fillet covered in a crawfish Creole sauce. With rice and mixed veggies, the dish makes an fine alternative to fried food.

The restaurant with a wonderful view of Caddo and a large screened porch for warmer weather also serves steaks, redfish, alligator bites and crab cakes. You can definitely find your fill at RiverBend.

Our bill came to $68. About half of the tab came from a bottle of full priced, but flavorful, Llano Estacado chardonnay (you have two choices red wine or white wine). Next time, one of us might just stick to a beer. Our server was excellent, and our food arrived hot from the kitchen.  The manager even made a visit to the dining room to greet each diner and ask how their meal was.

Usually, when we find food that we like, the tastes are familiar, comforting. Often new flavors can challenge the pallet. RiverBend offered both something new and something true. We will be back.




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