It’s Like This | Another Jefferson Mystery


While the Jefferson Hotel has been closed for repairs, hotel guests stay at the Urquhart House of 11 Gables while in Jefferson. Urquhart House is full of mystery. There were secret tunnels that lead from a fake fireplace.

In the library is a hidden passage that now goes to the laundry room. A new secret has been added to the list. Below you can see a photo of Soviet-era Russian publications. Amanda Allen found them while cleaning in the Urquhart House. “I thought you might find these interesting,” Amanda said handing them to me.

All of the publications are from 1970, 71 and 72. There is no mailing label so we have no clue who may have originally received them or rolled them up and stuffed them in the back of a drawer. I have no way of knowing what the newspapers printed in Russian are saying, but “Soviet Union” and “Moscow News” are in English and easy to read.

Both contain the expected Soviet propaganda with art exhibits on the collective farm and a glowing multi-page review of a movie, “Liberation,” depicting the Soviet victory in World War II and the fall of Berlin.

05Was there a Russian spy living in Jefferson? Did these memories just belong to someone with an interest in the Soviet Union? Did these belong to the Urquhart House owner or perhaps a college-aged child?

Of course, there is no guarantee that the Russian publications were left there in 1972. A later occupant may have saved them and then forgot about them when they moved.

I would like to know. If you know anything about these publications or the people who lived in the Urquhart House in the 1970s, drop me an e-mail at Editor@Jimplecute1848 or call 903-665-2462.

Let’s solve this little mystery.


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