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THE CONVERSATION: A lot of time gets wasted on social media, but occasionally meaningful thoughts are exchanged. The following discussion took place recently on Facebook. If you think you recognize some Jefferson names, you might be right.

ME – The border wall treats only symptoms, not the disease (poverty, crime, violence south of U.S.). But sometimes you have to treat the fever to save the patient. Would prefer a solution that does both.

TONY – A proven cure would be a massive assistance, stimulus program like the post-WW2 Marshall Plan for Europe. Problem is, Latin American government officials are so corrupt all the money would go into their Swiss bank accounts and not to the people who so desperately need assistance. Darned if I know.

BOB – Much of the issue gets back to U.S.A. drug consumption. We are the market. Drug cartels and associated crime/corruption are driven by our demand and all the money floating around due to our dismally ineffective “war on drugs”. U.S.A. keeps working on the wrong root cause, in other words.

BOB – Seems to me, we are in dire need of a complete redesign of our immigration management process. Really; what are all the issues that are causing damages to our society? Radical thought: what if more open borders and law enforcement were found to be more effective and cheaper, ala our Canadian border?

BUTCH – That disease south of the border would be Mexico’s problem. We have our hands full north of the border!

LARRY – I do know that I’m taking care of about as many people as I can. While watching the Dallas evening TV news with all the murders rapes and kidnappings, my wife just said, “Why can’t people just act right and abide by the laws?” “It’s complicated,” I said. Kinda like the wall.
RATIONAL REPUBLICAN SIGHTING: Chaired by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the State Preservation Board voted unanimously to remove a plaque mounted on the state capitol’s wall erected in 1959 by Children of the Confederacy. The plaque claimed that slavery was not a root cause of the Civil War and the Confederate States had not rebelled.

This piece of absurdity should have been resigned to File 13 long ago. The Republican leadership deserves credit, however, for finally getting this thing removed. Tarrant County Republicans also showed surprising sense last week when they voted to keep Shahid Shafi as the vice-chairman of the Tarrant County GOP. A group had sought to remove Shafi from that post because he is a Muslim.

Grassroots Republican knew what was important and what was not when choosing their party leaders. They did not allow bigotry to control their minds or their votes – well done.
BEFORE WE ALL join hands and lift our voices in a verse of “Kumbaya,” it should be noted how both John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, U.S. senators from Texas, at a political rally cracked jokes about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lung cancer surgery.
Everyone knows Republicans would like to replace Ginsberg with another Trump appointee, but this sort of humor is beneath the dignity of a senator.
JOKE DE JOUR: A guy goes into a lawyer’s office and asks the lawyer: “Excuse me, how much do you charge?” The lawyer responds: “I charge $1,000 to answer three questions.” “Bloody hell – That’s a bit expensive isn’t it?”
“Yes. What’s your third question?”


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