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Stacy Mills

“Hawke’s Prey” is the first in a series of thrillers by Reavis Wortham. The setting is in the fictional town of Ballard, Texas, but based upon the real-life West Texas town of Marfa, according to the author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as the suspense of what was going to happen next kept my eyes moving through the text. Plus, I can’t help but be enthralled with a book, and an author, who I have connections with. First and foremost, I once lived in West Texas, Big Spring to be exact, while it was still a military town.

It’s easy for me to picture the fictional town of Ballard when I think back to the early 70’s, living in the flat land, sandstorms, and tumbleweeds that comprise West Texas. It can’t be much different today. I didn’t know, at least I didn’t get the connection until I put two and two together, that I worked for a number of years in Frisco ISD with the author’s wife to whom he dedicated Hawke’s Prey. Who knew?

Anyway, it helps to make the reading more fun when you can make those connections. Any classroom reading teacher will attest to making sure his/her students know that when he/she can connect with a book, it enhances our understanding and overall comprehension, plus makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

The subject matter of “Hawke’s Prey” is intriguing. A group of terrorists intend to take over the Ballard Courthouse. It just so happens that the takeover occurs in the middle of the worst blizzard the town has seen in a century. The terrorists are heartless in their pursuit of what the United States once buried under the courthouse long, long ago. They take hostages and don’t mind slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. Trapped inside the courthouse are folks who were going about doing their daily business plus a group of school children with their teacher taking a tour. Once the courthouse is overrun by the terrorists, it’s all about survival.

Sonny Hawke, a local Texas Ranger, also happens to be in the courthouse. Sonny is relentless in his pursuit of the “bad guys” and only until the very end does the reader know the outcome. You’ll be cheering Sonny on as he goes after the mastermind of the takeover. Love a good suspenseful thriller? Give Hawke’s Prey a try.

Reavis Wortham is going to be our keynote author during the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend January 17-19. I look forward to talking with him and finding out about his sequel to “Hawke’s Prey,” “Hawke’s War.” His books can be found in our Jefferson Carnegie Library.


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