Five D Steakhouse Satisfies More Than Hunger

3 startsA good steakhouse can be hard to find.

You know what is required – large portions, a great steak (and not just a sirloin), crisp salad, desserts for those still hungry and a notable wine list.

Fortunately for people in this area, Five D Cattle Company Steakhouse & Meat Market in Avinger meets and exceeds all criteria.

Located on 8 North Main Street (SH 49), the Five D has been an East Texas institution for many years.

On a recent trip there we were pleased to note that owner Darlene Jacobs continues to improve the Five D.

We savored a filet and a Porterhouse. Both steaks were perfectly cooked to our temperature and boasted great flavor.

img_0723We also tried the spare rib appetizer – just in the name of science and to be able to tell you about it – and they were excellent. If we weren’t hungry for steak, the ribs would have made an acceptable meal option.

In fact, you can find several options on the Five D menu. The place is known for its steaks, but you can also get barbecue or chicken fried steak, Santa Fe Chicken, grilled shrimp and fried shrimp. If you are on a budget (calorie or financial), a sandwich might be a good option.

We accompanied our steaks with Caesar salad, steamed broccoli, baked potato and as someone once said, “don’t forget the rolls” – which are good enough for a return trip.

The atmosphere is rustic, as you would expect, with a warm down-home staff that makes your dining experience a pleasure.  

We did not leave room for dessert, but you might want to try the brownie supreme or the “haystack” – funnel cake in the shape of straw covered in powdered sugar.

Five D also has another option. You can buy your steak or other meat selection from their in-house market and cook it at home or when the in-laws come to visit. The best option might be to eat a steak there and take a raw one home for another day. Either way, you can’t go wrong.



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