Friends Mourn Passing of Jefferson Fixture, Stephen Wulff

Page 1 Stephen WulffFrom Staff Reports

The body of Bottle Works owner and former candidate for Jefferson mayor, Stephen Wulff was found Monday morning at his business on Polk Street.

Known as a witty eccentric, Mr. Wulff had spent time in jail and ran for mayor during his years in Jefferson. He also had a running dispute with city government over the merchandise displayed in front of his building and the ability of pedestrians to use the sidewalk.

Mr. Wulff loved to skewer on Facebook, as well as in-person, many of those in leadership positions in Jefferson with which he disagreed. He would also actively support Democratic candidates, wearing a “Beto” t-shirt on many days.

Perhaps lured by the large candy dish on the front counter, Mr. Wulff in recent months became associated with the Jimplecute. He was a contributing writer, penning in the Dec. 20 issue a piece on Jefferson’s “Can Lady,” Myrtle Williams. At the time of his death, Mr. Wulff was raising funds to build Ms. Williams a ramp for her residence.

Mr. Wulff was also a valued component of the Jimplecute circulation department reliably delivering on foot sample copies to Jefferson neighborhoods each week.

Zina Lacy, a friend of Mr. Wulff, stated in a Facebook post that he had not felt well since Dec. 19 when he gave blood. On Thursday and Friday, he reported feeling “yucky.”

“Saturday, I had to drop off a package at Stephen’s for my son,” Lacy wrote. “I called Stephen and he came out and we visited a bit. He looked a little better, but he was still yucky. I called him a few minutes after we left but he was already in bed.”

When a text from another friend was not returned, she decided to investigate.

“They discovered and him in bed,” Lacy wrote. “I was called. They couldn’t get the stretcher in and said they wanted to take him out in the body bag. I told them Wulff would think that was funny.”

According to Lacy, Mr. Wulff has family in Indiana and services will probably be held there following the autopsy.

Lacy had a final note.

“Wulff had been sober for several months and had been living right and eating good and drinking ginger tea and helping folks,” she wrote.

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