Dear Santa


I have figured out what I would like for Christmas. I realize it would mean a special trip, but I would like to receive my present today and not have to wait until Monday night.

I know I said the same thing about the cap pistol, the bicycle and the motorcycle, but, Santa, I really, really want my present now.

I want a week of peace.
Could we just have seven days when no one dies because of a suicide bomber killing dozens or someone going gun crazy at a mall? It would be nice if no spouse was abused and no child beaten. If you could fix it so families could enjoy each other instead of aggravating one another, I would appreciate it.

Given the nature of folks, I may be asking too much, but there is one thing you or someone ought to fix. The last election continues to grumble around in the public body like a bad meal. This Christmas would be a lot more peaceful, if people stopped calling each other names. Could they quit being so red and blue and tried being red and green?

Just because someone voted for Trump does not make them a mentally deficient, fundamentalist, racist war monger. By the same token, those who voted for a Democrat are not automatically godless, homosexual-loving, tree-hugging, gun-hating, pacifist, bound-forhell intellectual snobs.

More than a month has passed since we voted. The clock has run out on whining and gloating. To keep stirring this pot into the holidays risks ruining the season for all.

Give me a week, Santa, without political games, and I might find the Christmas spirit in time to open presents. I am not sure how many feel the same way I do, but I think quite a few would like a little peace in their lives right now.

I’ve been a pretty good boy this year, except for that time… Well, you already know about that, don’t you? Milk and cookies are by the fire place and my best to Mrs. Clause.

Merry Christmas,

P.S. If you could help the Aggies against North Carolina in the Gator Bowl, I’d like that, too.

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