‘Can Lady’ Recovering From Truck Collision

Page 1 'Can Lady' picBy STEPHEN WULFF
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If you are missing Ms. Myrtle Williams, you are not alone.

Ms. Myrtle, a.k.a., “The Can Lady” has been a fixture on Jefferson streets for more than a decade. It has been estimated that she travels as much ten miles a day in her quest for aluminum cans.

Ms. Williams was struck by a truck as she prepared to cross Broadway on Dec. 8. She was transported to Marshall Hospital by ambulance with broken bones. On Dec. 11, she was at her doctor’s office discussing an upcoming surgery to be performed over the holidays.

How hard does she work? Perry Hinson says he sees her as early as 4:30 A.M. on Polk Street, and as late as 8 P.M. Both Perry and his mother have saved cans for her over the years.

Born on Feb. 4, 1940 in Monticello, she and her husband Floyd Williams lived in Benton, Ark. They moved to Jefferson over 10 years ago to be nearer to her son, Wayne Earl. She cared for her husband over an extended illness until he passed away nine years ago.

Myrtle’s landlord, Lou Castleman says that if you talk to her for any period of time, you will know she loves the Lord, her church and thinks of others. He described her as a wonderful, hard working and kind. Castleman said that she is a steward of the environment and is good for the town.

Zina Lacy and her daughters always try to visit her when they travel from Oklahoma. She put up a notice on her Facebook page prompting a few letters and cards.

Ms. Williams told this writer that she loves going to church and loves the peace and quiet that is our community.

If you would like to extend your well wishes or offer any assistance to Ms. Myrtle, you may call (903) 239-2801.

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