Book Review | “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas”

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Francene DePrez

I asked Debbie Brewer at the front desk of Jefferson Carnegie Library to recommend a children’s book to read over the Christmas holidays. She highly recommended this book. I agree! It is a wonderful book to read with the children at bedtime.

The inside cover says that it is a “rockin’ new spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas.” The illustrations in the book are beautiful, vivid and playful and will be a treasure to share with children ranging 4 yrs. to 8 yrs. One of the reviewers said her two-year-old twins loved the book.

Santa wakes up on Christmas Eve having caught a bad chill. Will Christmas have to be canceled? “Never!” cried Santa. “Let’s call Pete the Cat!” This book takes Pete along the journey as he delivers toys to all the good girls and boys.

It is an inspiring story (reminding me of the little engine that could) with the sing-song lyrics through the book “Give it your all, give it your all. At Christmas we give, so give it your all.” Even though Pete is small, he is able to accomplish all – a very good lesson for us, no matter our age.

Instead of a sleigh, the reindeers pull Pete’s red minibus around the world. Right at the break of the new Christmas Day, Pete completes his task of delivering the toys around the globe. If you don’t know to look, you may miss the yellow bird that follows Pete from page to page.

This is Litwin’s fourth book, written in 2012, and is as uplifting as the previous stories. The author has also recorded two award-winning children’s music CDs.

Reviews on this book are overwhelmingly positive. As a special treat, you can download the free Pete the Cat song and audio story – but you will have to check out the book at the Carnegie Library to find out how!

The Library has several Pete the Cat books and also carries a good selection of additional children’s Christmas books. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays with the children – curling up with a good book.

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