What You Didn’t Hear is the Most Damning Part of the Mueller Investigation


The spin machine isn’t really spinning right now. That is notable.

01The steady drip of information now coming from Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to paint a troubling picture of where he is headed. The investigation had been a counter-intelligence investigation.

Few commented on that until the Mike Flynn filings, and now some Republicans are scrambling to claim Mueller has overreached. Why? Because his filings on Flynn show there is now a criminal investigation.

But what you have not heard is the most damning part of the Mueller investigation. What is the silence? The spin machines of the GOP are not running. Sure, there are some half-hearted attempts to attack Michael Cohen and remind people he is unreliable. But pay no attention to Mueller’s legal briefs that show multiple corroborating witnesses for everything. Cohen was not relied on by himself.

And sure, there are a few half-hearted attempts to say Mueller needs to investigate other things like who, in the Obama Administration, unmasked Flynn. That, by the way, is not a crime in and of itself. But there is no aggressive pushback.

The spin is that the White House is going to be quiet and wait for the final report. But they have a roadmap now for where Mueller is headed. They certainly cannot see around the corner, but at this point, they know the direction of the curve ahead.

That Republicans have gone mostly quiet, and their deflections are half-hearted and coupled with “but Hillary” cries. This behavior is a pretty big red flag that everyone now knows Mueller has something and it is not good for the President and possible for other members of his family.

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