Just In Case


Just in case you happen to scan the Amazon music selection and see “Dreamer” by Dylan Tanner.

Some nights I lay dreaming
That we were the best of friends

The soft bluesy sound comes across even on the iPhone’s pigmy speaker. You listen close as the acoustic strums.

I hope you told your girl you loved her.

The odd course of human lives can lead to strange intersections that mark people forever.

I hope you held your baby tight.

Each person must find their own way of dealing with these climatic events.

I hope they both know you are a fighter.

Some scream curses into the night. Others seek solace in intoxicants. Tanner chose to write a poem and put words to music.

I hope they dream of you every night.

You can also find “Dreamer” on YouTube. Just in case you choose to listen, I thought you should know what Tanner is singing about.

Some days it’s hard to say those words, “I tried.”

Tanner is a good Samaritan. In the pre-dawn darkness on a road outside Boerne three years ago just before Christmas, Tanner stopped to try and save a motorcyclist who had been hit by a truck.

Some days I try to save a life,
But it doesn’t always work

Just in case you hear Tanner’s plaintive cry, I thought you should know the life he tried to save was Jason Charles Terrell, my nephew. Jason was driving to work on his motorcycle. He had mechanical problems and pulled to the side of the road to see what the issue could be. After Jason, dressed in black leathers, dismounted, he was hit by an 18-wheeler.

I tried my hardest to bring them back to you.
Make me believe, make me believe
Come back now, come back now


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