Hamburger Store’s Ghost Burger Tops Jimp Poll For Best Burger in Jefferson

ghost burgerApparently, some (in Jefferson) like it hot.

In a recent fun but unscientific poll, Jimplecute readers voted The Hamburger Store as having the best burger in Jefferson. The Ghost Burger was the most popular. Second place went to Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue with Port Jefferson Outpost and Pines Cafe earning honorable mention.

If you are one of those who can still sing the entire theme song from “Ghost Busters,” including the echo, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” you should remember the advice from “The Fly.” “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

The Ghost Burger comes with a fist-full of jalapeno slices in addition to the usual condiments of mustard, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. The ghost pepper cheese (Monterey Jack with ghost pepper flakes) will definitely set your tongue on fire.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who comes with an asbestos lined gullet, the Ghost Burger is just what you need to wake up your taste buds as long as you don’t mind
jarring your sinuses at the same time.

The Hamburger Store has lots to like in addition to the Ghost Burger. Certainly, you can get a regular cheeseburger with a thick, juicy hamburger patty, and specialty sandwiches like the Philly cheese-steak and Ruben are delicious, too. As is the shrimp po-boy, a treat you must try. We’ve also enjoyed the Hamburger Store’s great sweet potato fries, but we found the onion rings less than fresh and more than a little greasy.

Did someone say pie?
We have not had better pie in Jefferson than the pieces we’ve enjoyed from The Hamburger Store. Period. Which really sets the 50-year old Jefferson staple apart from all of its hamburger competitors. You can have towering meringue topped coconut or chocolate pie. The selection changes each day, so be sure to ask. You can also order a pie for your holiday feast. On this most recent trip to The Hamburger Store, we opted for the warm caramel apple pie and chocolate meringue. Yum.

In addition to the tasty food, you will enjoy the vintage atmosphere with dollar bills stapled to the walls to support various charitable causes, Route 66 photos and friendly service. You can expect Cookie to step from around the corner combing his hair at any moment.

3 stars
Lunch for two with two burgers, onion rings and two slices of pie was $29.30. You have been warned. Try the Ghost Burger and you may find yourself cast in “Hot Shots Part Trois.” Then again, this may be the burn your body craves.




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