80 Dogs Face Crisis Weekend; Humane Society Calls For Emergency Assistance From Community

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A dog at what is known as the Dixie Humane Society struggles with wet and unsanitary conditions Friday.

Newly minted vice president of the local humane society, Missy DeLong, issued a plea late Friday for help to rescue the 80 dogs at the organization’s shelter from the wet winter weather conditions expected this weekend.

Former President Caroline Wedding is no longer associated with what is known as the Dixie Humane Society, both Wedding and members of the Society’s board say.

“This is an emergency situation,” DeLong said in a telephone interview.

Dogs at the Humane Society’s shelter east of Jefferson were seen Friday with up to an inch of rain water in pens with excrement and wet blankets on the floors. In several cases tarps over the tops of pens were filled with water and appeared about ready to collapse on dogs underneath.

A tarp loaded with water appears ready to collapse on a dog at the humane society in Jefferson.

The National Weather Service in Shreveport forecast for the weekend has a 100 percent chance of rain until Saturday night with freezing or near-freezing temperatures.  A Flash Flood Watch is currently in effect for Jefferson.

“This is awful,” DeLong said.

“We still need volunteers to help us move the dogs,” DeLong clarified. “All but about three can be led on a leash.”

Refuge for the night has been found at Jefferson Flea Market and Jaynes Farm & Feed for the most seriously exposed dogs if volunteers can be found to move them.

Conditions at the shelter have gone through a series of convulsions.

In November, a social media post revealed unsanitary conditions Wedding blamed on a lack of competent volunteer or paid help.

The Humane Society board and Wedding agreed to go separate ways last week in an emergency meeting and conditions at the shelter appeared to improve.  It was also discovered that the official name of the 501c3 organization listed with the Texas Secretary of State is The Humane Society of Marion County.  Dixie Humane Society does not officially exist.

The public responded with food, blankets and tarps. Visitors to the shelter as late as Wednesday could see well-fed dogs in reasonably clean conditions. The rain came, and within 48 hours, the situation deteriorated again.

DeLong along with others with the Society say the problem lies in a shortage of volunteers.  Those who would like to offer assistance, may call (903) 601-1888 for more information.


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  1. This woman should be arrested and the city government should be ashamed of themselves for not doing regular welfare checks on these animals! She was given $13k for support! Criminal behavior!

  2. Get pallets…they are free. Nail 3 together like a box. Nail tarps over pallets. Put doghouses inside. Put straw around doghouses. Wish I was near enough to help! 😭

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