Archived Full Edition | November 29, 2018

Jefferson Jimplecute Online | November 29, 2018  

Nov 29 Front PageFull Edition Reader:  Pages 1-8

To read individual pages, click on each link:

Page 1   – Front Page
Page 2   – Opinion
Page 3   – Arts & Flowers
Page 4   – Bulldog Beacon
Page 5   – Milestones & Obituaries
Page 6   – City & Government
Page 7   – Classifieds
Page 8   – Sports & Outdoors



2 thoughts on “Archived Full Edition | November 29, 2018

    1. Hi Jackie – We are sorry to hear that. I encourage you to check with the post office if they have a paper that was not able to be delivered. It is not uncommon to miss a paper in the mail and the post office can often help if you let them know. Please call us at the office if you miss another paper or are having trouble accessing the paper online.


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