MOVIE REVIEW | “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

Guest ReviewerRalph-Breaks-the-Internet-Wreck-It-Ralph-2-2018-movie-poster

The obvious question is why the movie isn’t called “Ralph Wrecks the Internet” instead of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” but in true Ralph fashion; he does break the internet. Unlike most sequels, this is one worth seeing and it has all the best parts of the original but on steroids. The internet is portrayed as one of the characters and has all the things we have to come to know and love about it. Social media, check. Games, check. Viruses, check. Spam, check.

Our story picks up six years after the original, Ralph and Vanellope are best friends. After our heroine’s game is destroyed by one of Ralph’s friendly, but oft misguided, plans05
goes awry they have to go online with the newly installed WiFi to find a replacement steering wheel for her game on eBay. They win the item but don’t have money so they are forced to come up with multiple schemes to make money quick including phishing scams and viral videos. The ensuing compilations are fun to watch for all ages and there was audible laughter across the whole theater during most of the hilarity.

In the best scenes of the movie, Ralph and Vanellope get separated and she ends up in Disney “world” on the internet. Princesses, Marvel heroes and Star Wars characters abound. During an encounter with all of the Disney princesses Vanellope takes a test to see if she is a real princess which she passes and then finds her voice and what she really loves, hardcore online racing.

Ralph eventually gets the money to save the game and heads to finish the eBay transaction. After Vanellope and Ralph meet back up, he tries to “fix” things as usual and it turns into a disaster. After a series of hilarious misadventures, Ralph is saved by the Disney princesses, and in true Disney form, everyone lives happily ever after. I even bet there’s a third installment.

This is one of those movies with 2 Easter eggs at the end so stay until ALL of the credits have run. Trust us, it’s worth your extra time.

4 out of 5 Popcorns

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