Local Merchants Expect Holiday Sales to Climb

Jimplecute Editor

Buoyed by ringing cash registers Black Friday weekend, Jefferson retailers look forward to robust sales this holiday season, beginning with this weekend.

“The first weekend of Candlelight is always the best weekend of the year for sales in Jefferson,” Port Jefferson Outpost owner Sharon Goolsby said. “And ticket sales for the Candlelight Tour of Homes have been out the roof this year. They are the best ever.”

While Goolsby noted her Black Friday weekend sales were not as large as she had hoped,
other downtown merchants saw significant gains.

Anna Bode
Jefferson General Store
“This past weekend was a great weekend. The fine 02weather brings them out. I hope sales will be up from last year. From this past weekend, I would think that would be the case. We anticipate two more big weekends. These are traditionally our best weekends.”

Sharon Goolsby
Port Jefferson Outpost
“We didn’t do as well as we hoped last weekend. We had a normal Friday and did a little better Saturday. Sunday was a little worse. In all, it was a little disappointing. Tourism is going downhill. December last year was pitiful. We can’t put all of our eggs in one basket. Overall it looks like we might be up a little bit this December. It’s all about events. We’ve lost market share with day trips. People are looking for something to do. We’ve got a great walking area.”

Paul Morehead
Willow Tree
“It was really good this weekend. There were a lot of people here this weekend. I think the Chamber did a great job in promoting the (Christmas) parade. We formed a Jefferson business owners association and we have been running commercials on satellite. We’ve already had people come to town who said they saw our commercials. I really think it’s going to be a great Christmas season. If this last weekend is any indication, this is going to be great.”

Pat Smith
“This past weekend was wonderful. Friday and Saturday were good. Sunday was lousy. It was up from last year. Going by that, I feel that is going to be good this year. The first Saturday of Candlelight is always our biggest weekend of December. Last year was up a little bit and hopefully we push it up a little bit more this year.

“I think our economy is a little bit better. I’ve been in Jefferson 37 years. It’s up and it’s down. Sometimes you think we will have a big weekend and it doesn’t happen. However, I’m very encouraged. I think for Jefferson, if the people would just pull together, we could have a marvelous little town. There really isn’t any little town like Jefferson. Jefferson has its own charm.”

The Texas Comptroller report of sales tax numbers indicates a steady climb in retail sales for Jefferson. The sales tax rebate to the City of Jefferson improved 1.72 percent in November. Because of an accounting adjustment the city boasts a 69 percent improvement for the year.

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