MOVIE REVIEW | “Bohemian Rhapsody”

220px-Bohemian_Rhapsody_posterBy KEVIN GODFREY,
UntitledGuest Reviewer


Bohemian Rhapsody opens with, arguably, one of the most iconic rock concerts of all time. This introduction to Freddy Mercury and Queen starts a journey that we all know ends tragically but also know it’s going to be a wild ride getting there. Rami Malek’s portrayal of Freddie Mercury is spot on, from the moment you see him you know that he was not just playing this part but living it.

The opening sequence shows Malek as Farrokh Bulsara, who changes his name to Untitled2the indomitable Freddy Mercury. Within minutes you are vested in the character and his bravado that shows when he meets the other band members and his future girlfriend, Mary Austin, at a London night club in 1970 after their lead singer quits. The eventual rise to one of the biggest bands in history is fun to watch as they evolve from night club performers to selling out stadiums.

Mercury’s colossal persona is evident throughout the ups and downs of the band as they navigate the perils of super stardom. All while getting to enjoy some of the biggest anthem songs of all time penned by the band.

In one of the most entertaining moments of the movie, Mike Myers, playing EMI executive Ray Foster, explains how ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ will never be a song that kids will rock out in a car to. An ode to his Wayne’s World character and the iconic opening scene with the foursome head-banging to the aforementioned operatic masterpiece.

The crowning moment of the film is when the characters, rather successfully, recreate the entire 20 minute Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium, London in 1985, complete with Rami performing with all the flair and machismo of Freddy on stage. For those of us that witnessed it live, this is a wonderful moment to experience again.

This movie and ode to one of the biggest rock bands of the 20th Century is well worth your time, if for no other reason to relive some of Rock’s most legendary hits. Get ready to fist pump, stomp your feet and sing along. For showtimes see the Marshall Cinema ad on this page or on



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