Jefferson General Store | Eat More Moody Dogs!

IMG_2713Nothing quite says Jefferson like a Moody Dog. Named for Mr. and Mrs. John Moody who owned a downtown eating establishment popular with high school kids in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, the official Moody Dog survives today at the Jefferson General Store.

To order the Moody Dog, you have to know the lingo. You can order your Moody Dog with or without. “With” means you get a wiener in your bun along with the chili. “Without” means, well, without a wiener.

We asked one Jefferson native why someone would buy a hot dog without a dog. He told us the high school guys would hit the Moodys’ place after football practice. A Moody Dog “without” was the perfect thing to hold them while their cheese burger cooked. The burgers are gone, but the Jefferson General Store still offers Moody Dogs and Frito pies.

This week, we sampled both. The Frito pie had enough corn chips to fill a canoe covered with generous servings of the famous Moody chili and shredded cheese. As always, the Moody Dog came on a soft, steamed bun with a tasty dog and Moody chili. You can add things like mustard and relish, but real Jeffersonians will usually just go with bun, chili and dog. One popular option is to add Louisiana Hot Sauce. The price is fair enough. Moody Dogs and Frito pies are $1.99 each.

On Thursdays, locals know Moody Dogs are just $1. We also found that a Dr Pepper float ($3.99) with Blue Bell ice cream and a strawberry shake ($3.99) make a fine accompaniments to the spicy chili. Or you might try one of the classic bottled root beers. We sampled the Dang! That’s Good butterscotch root beer ($1.99) and found it was aptly named.

Anna and Cliff Bode keep the Jefferson General Store real, as in a real throwback to a bygone era with lots penny candy and homemade sweet stuff, as well. And there is always the nickel cup of coffee. Pecan praline was the flavor of the day.


All in all, the Jimplecute concludes the Jefferson General Store is perfect for first dates and fundates and most importantly, “Eat More Moody Dogs!”

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