Ratcliffe Working to Increase Jobs, Boost Cyber Security in ETX

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U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Heath, said he knows of a way to improve the Northeast Texas economy. Untitled “Vote Republican,” Ratcliffe said in an exclusive interview with the “Jimplecute” Tuesday. “With the exception of recent layoffs at Red River Army depot, which is something that I’m working to address, a lot of the problems we’ve had with the economy in Northeast Texas are ones that have developed over the last decade,” Ratcliffe said. “The prior administration for eight years brought us no economic growth, no wage growth. We saw consistent and historic bank closings, manufacturing layoffs, store closings, all of these things.”

The two-term Congressman believes when people consider the tax cuts and jobs act, and when they end up with $1,600 more in their pockets this year if they file as a married couple over what they would have last year, they will understand they cannot afford to turn off the Republican economic engine.

The Republican incumbent points with pride to his work in cyber security. “Cyber security is one of my top priorities,” Ratcliffe said. “I view it as our greatest national security threat. I may be the most prolific cyber legislator over the last few years. I think I’ve had seven cyber bills, with several signed into law.”

The Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act, sponsored by Ratcliffe, authorized a facility into law called the National Computer Forensics Institute in Hoover, Alabama. It’s run by the United States Secret Service to train state and local law enforcement officials.

“To give you an example of how it’s working in Northeast Texas is recently we had a case where one of the folks that was trained in Hopkins County down at the National Computer Forensics Institute under the benefits of my law, resulted in the conviction of a school teacher that had over 100 child victims.”

Another case resulted in a conviction of a local pastor on child pornography charges. “This law has specifically made our local community safer by better equipping our local and state law enforcement officials in how to research these crimes and develop evidence in support of it,” Ratcliffe explained.

The former US Attorney revealed he is working on luring cyber defense labs active now in Northwest Louisiana to Northeast Texas and possibly Marion County.
“I’ve actually had a number of conversations with regard to that and trying to sort of identify and highlight what those opportunities would be in Marion County and other places,” Ratcliffe said. “I’ll just tell you this without sort of divulging anything that might be in the pipeline, I’m working on this issue.”

Ratcliffe indicated he liked his chances for success. “We would be attractive and a good fit for that,” he said. “And again, because it’s a priority of mine, that’s an area where my constituents will know that I’m going to continue to try and leverage the position that I’m
in as the chairman of that subcommittee to make that happen.”

Although some Republicans have been lukewarm or chilly towards President Donald Trump, Ratcliffe remains staunchly loyal. “As far as my view of the Trump Presidency, I’m grateful for it,” Ratcliffe affirmed. “The alternative to a Trump presidency was a Hillary Clinton presidency which would have been a continuation of Barack Obama’s failed, what I view as socialist, globalist, agenda, that frankly had our country on the wrong path. I can tell you, by and large, my constituents are much better off, and the country is certainly better off.

Even if the House goes Democrat, Ratcliffe does not believe Trump will be removed from office. “If Democrats get control of the House, they could conceivably pass Articles of Impeachment if they have enough of a majority and it’s a party line vote,” Ratcliffe said. “We could not prevent that from happening. But as you know, the process for impeachment then requires a conviction of those articles of impeachment in the Senate which would require two thirds of the 100 senators over there. Even if they take the House, (Democrats) are not going to be anywhere close to getting 67 votes in the Senate.

“There is zero chance of the president being impeached and being removed from office. If the Democrats are able to gain control of the House there is certainly a possibility of Articles of Impeachment passing the House.

Which would really be I think just a terrible development and again one of the reasons I tell folks this is why you should vote Republican, not just in my race but across the board.”

For Part 2 of the Jimplecute’s interview with Rep. Ratcliffe see next week’s issue. A transcript of the interview and a recording of the interview are on the Jimplecute web site, http://www.Jimplecute1848.com.

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