“The Flight Attendant”



Cassandra Bowden has been a flight attendant for nearly 20 years and jets across exotic countries with seamless ease, except for one problem. A drinking problem. And not just a little social drinking, but the kind of drinking when you either
pass out or black out. On an otherwise “normal” night for Cassie (of binge drinking and random hookups), she wakes up in a Dubai hotel room with a man named Alex Sokolov.

She met Alex on the flight over and they both flirted with each other. He tells her he is a hedge fund manager and lives in NY, where she is based. When she wakes up with a horrendous hangover, she notices how still Alex is and discovers there is blood all over the sheets and his neck has been severed. As she is trying to piece the puzzle of what happened the evening before, she has no idea if she is a murderer or not and why Alex was killed. She does remember having dinner with him and drinking a lot. Also, a woman named Miranda came to visit, a possible investor Alex had a meeting with the next morning.

Cassie unfortunately begins on a roller coaster of lies built upon lies heading toward self-destruction. She lies to her fellow flight attendants, her sister and to the FBI. She just wants to make it back to the US where she can sort it all out.

Miranda turns out to really be Elena Orlov working with her mentor, Victor. Both are Russian operatives and assassins. Alex apparently was skimming off funds from Victor and had to be eliminated. Cassie was spared that fateful night, but pressure from Victor sends Elena on a chase to finish “the job”.

The story has a few surprising twists and Cassie discovers that people in her life aren’t always who they appear to be.

The Flight Attendant will definitely keep your interest and make you wonder about the passenger in seat 2C. To find other Chris Bohjalian novels on the shelves at Jefferson Carnegie Library, check the Library Catalog on our website, www.jeffersoncarnegielibrary.org.

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