Gucci’s Pizza | Excellent with Exceptional Service

01Gucci’s Pizza, located in the Kroger shopping center in Marshall, offers a warm family environment that provides good food along with that rarest of commodities, exceptional service.

The Jefferson Jimplecute staff confirmed this after choosing it to be our last work assignment of the week. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it.

Launched by Gucci Cevik in the mid-1980s and only recently managed by his son, Tony, it’s a well-established eatery that has recently undergone a serious turnaround plan that is showing real results. While you won’t bore your neighbors for the next six weeks gushing about your dining experience, we found the quality of food and service far above the norm and a worthy repeat dinner destination in
the future.

Gucci’s exceeded our expectations, which were admittedly not very high for some of the hoity toity types at the table. Strip malls don’t offer much hope for fun, delicious restaurants. We were ahead of the rush on a weeknight, so we enjoyed a nice sensation of space in the large dining area. We didn’t feel cramped or crowded. We also enjoyed the fact that there was a large flat screen TV just a few feet away turned to ESPN.

We ordered a pizza, a salad, and a beer that together cost us just under $40. The Classic Margherita pizza we shared had both fresh basil and fresh mozzarella much to our delight. The thin crust was the perfect vehicle for the toppings, avoiding a gluten tsunami (although thick crust is available). We have paid much more than Gucci’s $15.99 for a lower quality pizza. We also left a $10 tip (a bit more than 20 percent) because the wait staff was excellent.

Had we ordered two salads and two entrees and a bottle of wine, the meal would still have cost less than at a comparable restaurant, probably $80 instead of $100.
Apart from anything else, the Mediterranean salad is so large at Gucci’s, it’s enough for two people to share. Each ingredient was fresh and bright and it was apparent it had been prepared only minutes before arriving on our table.

What really impressed us was that the owner was in the kitchen, all the time keeping an eye on every step of the process while the food was being prepared.

We also liked the fact that the staff was attentive and thoughtful. They showed special attention to features, like lemon slices on top of the water served at the table and extra napkins that we did not have to ask for.

Best of all, when we left, the obligatory farewell went beyond superficial pleasantries. The restaurant owner clearly wanted to be sure we had had good
food, good service, and a good experience.

Ultimately, we felt this was a good family restaurant that, while it didn’t offer fine dining,was a very good dining establishment.

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Gucci’s Pizza is located at 206 East End Blvd in the Kroger Shopping Center in Marshall. Phone: (903) 935-6000

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