MOVIE REVIEW | “Night School”

Jimplecute Editor

3 of 5 popcorns


Fortunately for the producers of “Night School,” few of those who can remember the 1986 Rodney Daingerfield comedy, “Back To School,” will spend $6 to see their hip-hop retread. Those Medicare-eligible movieholics who do wander into the “Night School” cinema, however, will laugh louder than at any time since Mr. “I don’t get no respect” puffed a cigarette on the “Tonight” show.

Showtimes“Night School” has an upbeat twist on the well-worn story of an adult forced by circumstances to return to school. Kevin Hart plays a successful salesman who must enter night school to complete his GED after his business implodes.

Hart’s smart-mouth ways fail to impress the principal who hated him in high school and a hot, if psycho, teacher who gives math instruction while cage fighting.

This is not your grandmother’s night school.

The comedy is physical and smart. You will laugh, and you will grin. You may even tap your toe in time with the music.

Directed by Malcom Lee, “Night School” features Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, Romany Malco, Keith David, and Loretta Devine.

“School” is doing well at the box office. Rotten Tomatoes gives the comedy only a 30 percent rating, but 53 percent of the audiences liked it.

Clearly, “Night School” is not “Ten Commandments” or “Gone With TheWind,” but if you want a bag of popcorn and a few laughs, you should check it out.

“Night School” runs 111 minutes. It is rated PG-13. Showtimes can be found in the ad on this page or on the Jimplecute web site,



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