Fratangelo Gains Sole First Place in Football Prediction League

Week 6 Pigskin
Week 6 Picks

With the high score of the season, Ned Fratangelo posted a 12-3 record last week to pull ahead of the Pigskin Prognosticator competition. Frantangelo’s season record now stands at 31-14.

Last week Doug Thompson and Charlie Chitwood were tied with Fratangelo, but Thompson’s 10-5 score allowed him to slip to 29-16. Chitwood posted a 9-6 effort bringing him to 28-17.

Bubba Haggard and Bob Palmer placed second for the week with 11-4 marks. Haggard now sports a season record at 29-16. Palmer is now 24-21, breaking into the positive side for the first time this season.

Shelia Langbartels was 10-5 last week, elevating her record to 28-17. Leward LaFleur also scored 10-5 and sports a 26-19 season record.

Meanwhile Jimplecute GM Mica Wilhite cannot discern whether she is more disappointed that her Razorbacks lost to Texas A&M for the eighth year in a row or that none of the Prognosticators picked Arkansas.

No online pickers beat Fratangelo but Week 6 offers a new challenge! Visit for this week’s games and the another opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate at your favorite Jefferson restaurant.

Good Luck!


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