Krantz Says Americans Can Do Better Than Trump

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Catherine Krantz

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President Donald Trump is not the leader the United States of America deserves says Catherine Krantz, Democratic nominee for the 4th Congressional District.

While Krantz doesn’t endorse initiatives to impeach President Trump, she says she is very disappointed in America’s elected officials who would rather put party over integrity and people.

Krantz told the Jefferson Jimplecute that if facts warranted impeachment “then we have to do what needs to be done.”

Seeking her first elective office, Krantz believes Trump has shown poor, but not illegal judgement.

TX 4th district
TX – 4th District

“For me, everything that has gone on up until this point have led me to some conclusions that have nothing to do with impeachable offenses,” Krantz said. “But have everything to do with a president who at the very, very least associates with morally bankrupt people.”

Additionally, the US has an administration that has proven again and again they are not the best, Krantz contends.

“We have better choices. Why couldn’t America have picked a better leader?” She said she was distressed people were fighting so hard to protect a man that most people wouldn’t even want to sit next to at a bar. Instead, congressmen continue to bend over backward to defend the President.

They should, “at very least admit that he has proven, with his choices of association, not to be reputable, not to be honorable – someone without integrity. Why is that so difficult to say out loud? It is absolutely obvious!”

Having opted to run for Congress so that she can “do some good in my community,” Krantz said she wanted “more integrity” in elected officials. She challenged people who have told her they didn’t have a choice.

There is, of course, the argument that supporters of President Trump feel that he is fighting for them by disrupting the establishment and turning it upside down.

While sympathetic, Krantz said President Trump was “a very unlikely champion” in a district where the vast majority of people have low incomes, and a huge chunk lives below the poverty line.

After all, he is a multi-billionaire whose shoes cost more than most people’s rent, and his wife’s handbags cost more than most of their childhood homes.

“I think it’s unreasonable to expect him to fight for you.” Instead, voters should be picking someone with a track record of actually fighting for people – a track record she has accrued over the past 20 years.

Trump policies also play a role in Krantz’s election campaign. For instance, the idea of a border wall between Mexico and the US.

“Not only would it not work but it doesn’t realistically acknowledge the problem.” Americans, she said, need to be reminded constantly that immigration numbers have decreased consistently since the 1960s.

Those who support the concept were responding to anti-immigrant hysteria that makes them feel like they’re under siege.

“I don’t think we’re a country under siege. I think that we are a country that was built by immigrants – and we still get a tremendous amount of value out of our immigrant population.”

Having lived in Mexico for almost 20 years, Krantz said a wall wouldn’t solve anything. If people researched the drug trade they would find out a wall had never stopped this trade. Building a wall would only encourage people to build tunnels or to fly over walls,

So, instead of terrorizing the community and the immigrant population, it was vital
to find “real, practical solutions,” she said, adding that the “over-militarization of workplace raids” (looking for illegal immigrants) was expensive and unnecessary.

But Krantz doesn’t believe that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) needs to be abolished. Asked how she felt about her Republican opponent, incumbent John Ratcliffe, had ordered ICE raids while working as a US attorney, she said there were a lot of better ways to handle the situation, including “realistic immigration.”

She also said while national defense was important, the current Government was spending too much on defense without tangible results. While she was not a person “who
says there is never a place for war,” she said it was important to stand up for values and learn from mistakes, adjusting the course when necessary.

Ultimately, Catherine Krantz believes in win-win situations. A declared capitalist, she said she believes in market-driven initiatives but doesn’t believe in greed. Her plan is to have a diversified economic development plan that brings jobs, prosperity, opportunity, and hope to Northeast Texas.



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