Chitwood, Thompson Rally to gain First Place in a Prognosticator Tie

Week 5
Week 5 Picks

Jimplecute Editor Bob Palmer celebrates this week the end of the suicide part of the Texas A&M football schedule. After playing Alabama and Clemson, everything else looks easy, according to Palmer who still has a firm grip on last place (13-17) in the Jimplecute Pigskin Prognosticators poll.

Zooming into first place are Charlie Chitwood and Doug Thompson who are now tied with last week’s winner, Ned Fratangelo.

Chitwood helped his cause with a 11-4 record last week, bringing his season total to 19-11.

Thompson added 10 wins to his nine from last week, to tie Chitwood.

Fratangelo slipped to nine wins last week to set up the three-way knot.

Sheila Langbartels also went 9-6 last week to improve her season standing to 18-12.

Bubba Haggard is also 18-12 after notching 11 wins last week.

Leward LaFleur went 8-7 and now sports a 16-14 season record.

And how about our online pickers?  No one beat Chitwood and Haggard, but two did tie with 11 correct picks.  Thank you for participating!

Think you can win Week 5 picks?

Visit, click on the link to our online survey and complete by 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28. If you beat our winning panelist(s), we will print your results in the paper next week and you will win a $10 gift certificate to your favorite Jefferson restaurant.

Good Luck!


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