MOVIE REVIEW | “The Predator – The Hunt Has Evolved”

predator3 of 5 popcornsBy BOB PALMER

The profanity is first rate. Someone on the writing team of Shane Decker and Fred Black has soldier speak down pat. Unfortunately, most of this re-make, “The Predator – The Hunt Has Evolved,” doesn’t live up to its four-letter component.

Boyd Holbrook is no Arnold Schwarzenegger. (But who is?) Don’t look for a “you are one ugly …” moment or even a glib “hasta la vista, baby” death sentence. Holbrook might pass as a US Army captain if he got a haircut. That Holbrook might also double as a sniper makes for a more unbelievable fantasy than spacemen taking a hunting trip to Earth.

With re-makes, it is safe to assume you know the basic story line about these giant creatures with giant dreads collecting heads on their safari to the third rock from the sun.

In this version, a group of soldiers suffering with PTSD escape from a prison bus and the psyche ward to stop the alien invasion and a black ops government agency monitoring contact with extra-terrestrials.

showtimesA conflicting and complicating twist to this plot in this conflicted and complicated age is the presence of two heroines. Should we hope Holbrook’s character, Quinn McKenna, scores with beautiful scientist Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) or reconcile with his estranged wife, Emily, played by Yvonne Strahovski.

Fortunately, Rory McKenna, the captain’s 10-year-old son who deals with Asperger’s Syndrome, rescues this pedestrian show. Jacob Tremblay conveys the challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome while demonstrating amazing talents such children can possess.

The Predator scores a disappointing 34 percent on the Tomatometer with a 51 percent audience approval rating.

I enjoyed the show. Predator had just enough laughs to keep me in my seat and just enough action to keep me awake. That the action was stale and the chuckles short-lived was an unfortunate epitaph for an expensive failure.

“The Predator -The Hunt Has Evolved,” Rated R, 107 minutes. For showtimes see ad on this page or go to




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