Frantangelo Takes Early Lead Among Pigskin Savants

Week 1 Results
Week 3 | September 13 Results

The official period of mourning for Arkansas’ loss to North Texas has expired and Jimplecute GM and Arkansas alum Mica Wilhite will once again allow discussion of matters gridiron.

Ned Frantangelo led pigskin pickers last week with a 10-5 record. Doug Thompson and Sheila Langbartels tied for second with 9-6 records. Charlie Chitwood had a 8-7 score while County Judge Leward LaFleur came in at 7-8. Mayor Bubba Haggard was 6-9.

Bob Palmer finished last with a 4-11 showing.

PP 9.20.18 Week 2
Week 4 | September 20, 2018

Want to show the panel how good your picks are for the week of September 20?

Visit, click on the link to our online survey and complete by 7:00 pm September 21, 2018.  You can also email your picks to

If you beat our winning panelist, we will print your results in the paper next week and you will win a $10 gift certificate to Port Jefferson Outpost.

Good Luck!




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