Weekly Devotional | M&M’s


Leroy Richardson PE
Leroy Richardson, P.E. Longview, TX

By Leroy Richardson

There was a certain man that purchased a young mule. He intended to use the mule for a bountiful harvest. But time passed and now the mule is grown. One day, he hooked the mule in harness to plow his field. Surely, he said, the mule understood the purpose for which he purchased him and the enormous strength he had inside. The man said, “Gitty up”. But the mule just stood there braying. He neither understood nor embraced his expected purpose nor exercised the immense power he possessed.


The man could not experience a harvest without properly training the mule to accept his role. Similarly, God cannot experience a harvest on earth except His body be taught to embrace their purpose and exercise the power inside them.

In II Corinthians 5:18-19, the apostle Paul identifies this given purpose and power as, 1) The Ministry of Reconciliation and 2) The Message of Reconciliation. The Ministry and The Message! The M&M’s!

The Ministry of Reconciliation is our Purpose as Christians. The Message Of Reconciliation is our Power. Reconciliation(Greek word, katallage) means exchange (figuratively, adjustment), i.e. restoration to (the divine) favor.

Service to God or other people represents ministry. The most important service God expects Christians to fulfill is to serve others with M&M’s. How we do it may be different. But the fact is, it must be Christian priority. Statistics show that approximately 80% of church members look for someone else to serve them rather than opportunity to serve others. Which category do you fit in? The “to be served” or the “serving”.

Christians must serve others with the proper Spirit-led ministry. Thereby, the environment of the one served changes. The woman at the well came with a waterpot to draw water. But after being served by Jesus with prophetic enlightenment(what she really needed), the ministry changed her entire environment that same day. She left saying, COME SEE A MAN! That’s how impactful are the M&M’s.

Every human possess potential for restoration. No matter what happened in their life. Jesus Christ uses the M&M vehicle to pick people up. Change an environment. Accept, embrace, and exercise your M&M’s today.


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