Book Review | “H.L. Hunt: Motive and Opportunity”

book reviiewBy FRANCENE DePREZ

If you are into Conspiracy Theories and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, you will like this book as told to local Jefferson author, Mitchel Whitington.  And to add to your enjoyment – throw in H. L. Hunt, the oil billionaire, and some Texas history.

John Curington is an attorney and was H.L. Hunt’s right-hand man for many years and gave first hand account of his experiences to Mitch.  From meetings with Curington, Mitch took away the story of Hunt’s “alleged” involvement in the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King and Jimmy Hoffa. While this is hard to believe, Curington and Whitington ask that you read the book with an open mind.

I was fascinated in their re-creating of these events and it brought back the memories of my growing up during the era of these four men.

As reflected on the back cover, Curington “divulges once-private information to Whitington that substantiates the fact that a conspiracy could have indeed existed.”  “Could have” are the operative words, as Curlington’s experiences and story-telling only go far enough to conclude that Hunt “had the motive and opportunity to influence the untimely deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, along with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.”

Whitington says “call it a memoir, call it an exposé, call it whatever you’d like, but it is basically the story of John Curington’s years with H.L. Hunt, and the strange things that he saw that seem to connect Hunt to the murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK.”

Whitington goes on to say “I believe that John means no ill will toward H.L. Hunt – or “Mr. Hunt” as he still calls him. I believe that at this point in his life, he just wants to make sure that his story is told. To me one of the most compelling things about it is that John does not have a smoking gun or a solution to the murders. Instead, he has integral pieces of the puzzle that have not been told before. No matter what you believe about the JFK, MLK or RFK assassinations, you will find this book compelling”.

Whitington and Curington do not make any conclusions about the motive and opportunity of H.L. Hunt and don’t provide hard proof.  But the story is fascinating and does give a different perspective on how these events may have occurred.  I’ve read a lot about the Hunt family but had not heard any of the stories that Curington told to Whitington.  What a great piece of history. Once started, I could not put this book down.  Whether you remember these events from your own time growing up, or you learned about them in a history class, I’m sure you will enjoy the theories outlined in the book.  The puzzle pieces fit nicely.

Check the book out at the Jefferson Carnegie Library – or contact Whitington to purchase your personal autographed version! Other books by Whitington available at the library include Angels of Oakwood: Jefferson’s History Cemetery and Ghosts of North Texas.


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