DA Statement Does Not Exonerate Huckabee

Jimplecute Editor

A statement issued by the Marion County District Attorney’s office quibbled on the possibility of a criminal investigation of Jefferson City Administrator Kevin Huckabee.

A letter signed by Ricky Shelton, Jr. came in response to a Texas Freedom of Information Act request by the Jefferson Jimplecute for copies of any criminal complaints against Huckabee.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that any responsive documents exist in this office at this time,” Shelton wrote.

The assistant DA added he has sought a opinion by the Texas Attorney General on the matter.

“If any responsive documents do exist, they are excepted from disclosure under Section 552.108, Government Code,” Shelton stated. “That statute, and case law that follows, exempts from disclosure of information held by this office that deals with the detection, investigation or prosecution of crimes.”

In the letter to the Attorney General’s office, Shelton states the release of material related to Huckabee, if it exists, “could interfere with an ongoing investigation.”

“I’m not aware of anything,” Huckabee told the Jimplecute.

Shelton did clarify one matter.

“I can tell you that this office has never received a complaint from Kelly Schilling,” Shelton wrote.

Schilling was employed by the City of Jefferson as Tourism Director from January to October 2017. She accused Huckabee of sexual harassment and met with the City Council in executive session.

Schilling also conferred with other city officials including then Mayor Carey Heaster.

Schilling spoke with Bowie Police Chief Guy Green who conducted a background check on Huckabee. Huckabee had applied for the city manager’s post in Bowie.

A copy of Green’s report was obtained by the Jimplecute through the Texas Freedom of Information Act.

“Schilling stated that Huckabee would watch pornography on his city phone while in the city building with other men around,” Green wrote. “Schilling stated that the ladies in the office could hear the video and he did not try to hide the fact. Schilling stated that Huckabee told her that he and his wife would go to Tyler for a mud run and that he would brag about the women walking around naked. Schilling stated that she firmly believes that the Devil has a hold on Huckabee and the City of Jefferson, Texas.”

Schilling also voiced to Green complaints about the way Huckabee spoke to her and stood too close to her.

A Jefferson alderman who has both read reports of Green’s background check and was present for Schilling’s audience with the council said the two were dissimilar, noting her complaints of Huckabee’s conduct voiced to the council were not as serious as the ones told Green.

Attempts by the Jimplecute to contact Schilling have not been successful.



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