#WhoRescuedWho | Mayor helps blind dog find her way home

On Monday afternoon, Mayor Bubba Haggard was returning home from a meeting when he he saw a dog on the road.

“She was having difficulty walking in the street,” says Caroline Wedding, director of the Dixie Humane Society. “Once he got home, he parked and went back and got it, and brought that baby out of what possibly was a very bad circumstance.”

The dog, as it turns out, is 16 years old and blind. The owners, Julie and Sammy Testa, had already posted on Facebook that their beloved Dixie had gone missing, and the Dixie Humane Society posted it as well.

“I had not been back to the shelter for 10 minutes until several people called,” Wedding says. “They said, ‘We know that dog.'”

Wedding took Dixie to the Hamburger Store, which the Testas own. It was a joyful reunion.

“That baby, when she heard her daddy’s voice — she all but went airborne trying to get to him,” she says. “She was so scared and it was such an unknown situation for her. She had kind of snuggled up to me a little bit, but you could tell she needed to be home.”


Julie Testa’s response post-press time:

“Dixie is 16 years old and blind, we rescued her when she was 1 year old. She has never gotten out, but one of the grand kids left the door open.

Dixie Humane Society took her and posted pics on Facebook, people in town recognized her and they met us at the Hamburger Store, she was so happy to see Sammy (She loves him the most).

Very thankful for the Mayor and Dixie Humane Society.”




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