MOVIE REVIEW | “Mile 22”

4 out of 5 Popcorns

Contributing Writer

The first scene in Mile 22 takes place in a quiet, posh suburban area, which could confuse audience members who were there to see shooting, blood and exploding things.

movie picThey need not worry. Shots are fired, blood is spilled and things are exploded before we even get out of that suburb. But while the movie does offer plenty of adrenaline-boosting action, it also has a plot — with plenty of twists to keep us guessing.

showtimesMark Wahlberg stars as James Silva, a hyperactive, tough-talking CIA agent whose team is known as “the third option,” because, well, they get the job done when no one else can. Their latest mission, which is to transport a foreign agent to safety in Southeast Asia, sounds pretty boring but is anything but. Especially since the team’s leader – who goes by the code name “Mother” – is played with chilling expertise by John Malkovich.

Another standout in the film is Lauren Cohan, who plays Alice, an agent who also happens to be the divorced mother of a young girl. Alice isn’t exactly working in the secretarial pool – the female operatives in this movie are just as rough and tough as the men – so part of the plot revolves around whether she’ll make it out alive to see her daughter again.

Making it out alive is certainly no guarantee with this team – and in watching the movie, you assume that there are real people who do this type of job for the country. In one scene before the mission begins, each team member prints out a letter of resignation to the government. They are, as one person puts it, ghosts.

And they’re ghosts with potty mouths. Everyone’s favorite word in this movie starts with the letter F. But hey, their actual job is to kill or be killed every day. Manners are kind of a low priority.

“Mile 22” is rated R and is 1 hour and 35 minutes long. For showtimes, see the Marshall Cinema ad on this page or go to



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