#WhoRescuedWho | DHS Pet of the Week

Pet of the weekBy LAURA ROMINE

It was Thanksgiving 2014, my husband Kevin and I were on our way to our daughters. We stopped for gas. A lady pulled up beside us and began begging us to take this puppy. Shoving it out the window at us. Telling us he was a Shih Tzu and it was the last puppy. He had to go. “He was eating real food and everything”. I am a vet tech and was volunteering at Dixie Humane Society. I knew this puppy did not have a chance and was no where near eating food yet.

“I think Adam is a good example of a throw away that just needed a place to call home.” – Laura Romine

He was about 4 weeks old, flea ridden and I was afraid he would end up on the parking lot on a cold night. I took him told my husband either I would leave him with the humane society or foster until a home could be found. (He was used to the routine). Within minutes Kevin decided “Adam” was already home. He failed to let me know this decision. We bottle-fed Adam and got him on real food. He began riding on the truck with Kevin and has traveled the US with Kevin by his side. Adam has friends all over the U.S.. Adam catches Frisbees and makes sure Kevin gets his exercise. This is important because truck drivers are notorious for not getting what they need.

While all of our pets have been rescues over the years, I think Adam is a good example of a throw away that just needed a place to call home. Like so many strays and throwaways, what people need to understand is the animal is rarely the problem.  It’s the humans. Many animals in shelters are there because owners no longer wanted the responsibility or moved or died.

It turns out Adam is not a Shih Tzu.  He is Pomaranian, Shiba Inu and a few other things.





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