►VIDEO: Council Delays Action on Call to Fire City Administrator

Jimplecute Editor

Jefferson councilmen accepted but failed to act Tuesday upon a citizen petition calling for the immediate removal of City Administrator Kevin Huckabee.

Click here to see copy of petition with all 216 signatures:
Citizen Petition to Jefferson City Council

►Watch citizens of Jefferson present petition to the Jefferson City Council:

The motion by Alderman Victor Perot to accept the petition presented by Jim McIntosh carried 3-1-1.

Huckabee objected to much of McIntosh’s remarks citing his right under Texas government code to have complaints against him heard behind closed doors.

McIntosh said his view of Jefferson changed on the night of the municipal election “when I saw city administrator Kevin Huckabee go after somebody I didn’t really know and his daughter.”

Huckabee objected and was supported by City Attorney Mike Martin.

McIntosh said he was only attempting to offer background to the petition he had a right to present.

Finally, McIntosh asked for permission to read the petition.

“Mr. Mayor, point of order,” Huckabee interrupted.

“Read the petition,” Mayor Bubba Haggard ordered.

“Point of order,” Huckabee enjoined.

“Read the petition,” Haggard who has been accused by Huckabee of violating voting laws said again.

McIntosh said the petition had 216 signatures.

After the council went into executive session, Haggard announced no action would be taken following the executive session. Any action would be taken at the next council meeting, September 4.

Alderman Victor Perot explained the agenda for Tuesday meeting was not specific enough to let the public know what the council may be doing following the executive session.

►Watch Mayor Haggard announced delayed action and Alderman Perot provide explanation:



See the August 23 edition of the Jimp for full coverage of Tuesday’s city council meeting.




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