Miracle Moment | Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas
(Back) Thomas’ son Robert Lee, Daughter Jimi Lynn, Janet Briggs- Activity Director- Tisha Bullard, Executive Director, (Center) Thomas, (Front Right) Kayla Kelso, Assistant Wellness Director

Sharon Lynn Thomas was born June 24, 1944 in Delhi, La. She married her first husband Robert Brantley who was in the Navy. With him, she traveled to a lot of different places. While married to Robert, she worked in the Commissary . They
have two children Jimi Lynn and Robert Lee. After his death she married Jerry Thomas. She worked at Citizens Bank in Marshall, TX for over 20 years.

She moved to Cypress Place Assisted Living in July of 2017 along with her cat, Dutchess. Sharon has such a beautiful smile and brightens everyone’s day.

When asked what was the one thing she would like to do that she has never experienced, she stated she would like to float down a river. So we called “Captain John” at Turning Basin Riverboat Tours and made her dream come true!!!

Ms. Sharon was accompanied by her two children Jimi Lynn and Robert
Lee and the staff at Cypress Place, Katisha Bullard, ED, Kayla Kelso, AWD, and
Janet Briggs, AD. She loved all the history of Jefferson our Captain shared and has
not stopped smiling since. After her tour she was treated to lunch at the
Hamburger Store!!!

Sharon said the best part of the day was “when my son carried me off the
boat”!!! Priceless memories!

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