Choosing the Right Plants for Your Home or Office

My Mother’s Florist

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   I am often asked, “How can I spruce up my home or office?” I reply, “With flowers and plants of course!”

  Flowers and/or plants can have a very positive effect in your home or office.  Studies have shown that having plants in the in your home or workplace can produce reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve reaction times, raise job satisfaction, and improve concentration.

  Yet, before you rush out to outfit your living room or cubicle with plants, here are a few things to consider.

  Untitled21) Determine where you will locate your plants. Different plants require more or less sunlight, while others thrive in the shade. Determining where you will locate your plants, can make a big difference in the plants’ life. For example, a Lemon Balm Plant, that can take full sunlight or full shade – making it great for windows cubicles, while a Spider Plant only thrives in low sunlight – making it ideal for windowless offices or interior rooms in your home.

  2) Determine the amount of time you will have tUntitled3o care for your plants. You may be one of the lucky folks that will have several minutes every day to water your plants, so a plant that requires daily watering is perfect for you. Yet, if you are like me, on the go and busy, a very low-maintenance cactus or succulent that requires very little water is perfect.

  So, when asked, “How can I spruce up my home or office?” I reply, “With flowers and plants of course!” But remember to consider location and maintenance before you buy. You will be glad you did.

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